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What Are The Different Insurance Licenses

What Are The Different Insurance Licenses

So, you’ve decided to take on a career path as an insurance agent. You have educated and trained yourself regarding the subject matter but now what? Before you take another step, you may want to ask yourself, “What kind of insurance agent do I want to be?”. Digging deeper into this question will help you explore the realm of different types of insurance licenses. Let’s find out what are the different insurance licenses, shall we? While we are at this topic, you should also know about independentinsuranceagent and agent directory.

Insurance licenses come in different types. After the department of insurance of each state pass a licensing certification test and pay a required fee, they are issued insurance licenses. According to Bizfluent, below are such licenses explained in brief:

Fire and Casualty Insurance

Fire and Casualty insurance is one of the general insurance licenses that any individual who wants to sell insurance independently or as an agency will provide. It includes personal property, automobile, flood, and earthquake as well as motorcycle insurance. Similarly, it also provides coverage for bodily injury, 24-hour care coverage, and long-term care insurance.

Personal Lines Insurance

Personal Lines Insurance is quite similar to Fire and Casualty insurance. However, the former limits its insurance products only to personal insurance products such as umbrella insurance, personal watercraft, and excess liability insurance.


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what are the different insurance licenses

Limited Lines Automobile Insurance

Limited lines automobile insurance licenses permit to conduct only automobile insurance business in a mentioned state. Such insurance is done to only the vehicles that are used for private purposes.

Life-only Insurance

Agents with Life-only insurance licenses are authorized to only sell life insurances. The coverages for such insurance consist of standard life insurance, accidental death, disability income, and annuities. Also, check out independent agents.

Accident and Health Insurance

Accident and health insurance is quite similar to life-only insurance. However, this insurance includes additional insurance products such as health insurance which provides coverages for accidents and sickness. Similarly, this type of insurance also covers workers’ compensation and provides credit disability insurance.


There are different types of insurance licenses. An insurance agent should choose a license that interests them and provides opportunities to explore and learn more about the insurance sector.

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