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Independent Insurance Agent Business Cards: Why Choose To Be One?

Independent Insurance Agent Business Cards: Why Choose To Be One?

You can take a few shortcuts to build a great insurance agency and become a great independent insurance agent. Your hard work and resilience will also matter a lot, but these hacks will help you succeed.

An insurance agent plays a vital role in purchasing insurance. Customers generally do not know or have few ideas about what insurance to purchase. Expert advice is always sought after by consumers. According to the Hanover Insurance Group Small Business Risk Report 2020, 72% of small business owners believe that the advice of a broker is essential to their insurance decisions.

Advising agents even makes sense when clients are making a decision. The independent agent gives clients more options. Independent insurance agent sells one or more types of insurance, such as Life, health, property, and accident insurance. They are also not tied to specific products or media, giving them flexibility over captive agents.

The pay is pretty good too. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of an independent insurance agent in the United States was $ 50,940 in May 2019. The commission they receive from renewed policies allows them to generate passive income. However, before these brokers start making money from renovating, they need to set up their agency.

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independent insurance agent
independent insurance agent business cards

Create your own independent insurance agency

Establishing an independent insurance agency traditionally costs a lot of money, time, and energy. Starting a business from scratch is not an easy task. Hard work and considerable effort to start an agency.

Buy a ledger

An independent insurance agent can purchase a ledger from an existing insurance agency. However, it can cost you between $ 250,000 and $ 500,000. It may also cost you more, depending on your profitability.

Become an independent agent thanks to an agency model

Agency templates are intended to support you as an independent agency. You can focus on selling insurance while the agency provides all the operational support your agency needs.

There are two options for these agency models:

1. Franchise model

2. FMO insurance model

This can be a bit confusing given the options you have as a potential agency owner. It is also important to choose the right option for your agency based on your goals and mission. However, before you do that, you also need to understand which of these models will help your business grow and your values.

Your independent insurance agency needs an environment in which it can thrive and realize its full potential. Be sure to dive into agency models before making a decision.

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