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How Much Does It Cost to Get My Insurance License?

How Much Does It Cost to Get My Insurance License?

According to Appliedga, the cost of the exam varies by state, but it commonly ranges from $40 to $150. After you’ve passed the test, you’ll need to apply for your insurance license. Each state has its own application process for obtaining a license. In general, an application fee of $30-$200 is charged, with a background check costing roughly $30.

What is Independent Insurance Agent?

In plain terms, an independent insurance agent is a person who represents customers to a number of different insurance firms. Unlike captive agents, who are only allowed to sell goods from a single insurance firm, independent agents work with a variety of insurers to provide their consumers with a variety of product alternatives and policy quotations. Your insurance company’s legal representative is your independent agent.

Independent insurance agent have the task of being your advocate once they have been licensed by your state. They must put your needs ahead of their own and the insurance companies with which they work. Even though the insurance company pays your representative, they really work for you!

independent insurance agent
how much does it cost to get my insurance license

Why Can You Have Confidence in Your Independent Agent?

In order to sell insurance in any state, a person must first obtain a license. Because insurance is such a difficult and ever-changing subject, governments mandate schooling to ensure that agents have a solid foundation in the area. Agents must continue their insurance training once they have been licensed in order to keep their license. These rules safeguard the customer.

For the customer, there are numerous advantages to working with an independent insurance agents. An independent agent has a wealth of resources at their disposal, and they work only for their client!

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